Who I Never Was

Posted by Edward Garcia on

A beautiful little girl with long, flowing hair,
waving in the wind and draped back gently on my shoulders;
As the sun shines off it in a summer park filled
with dark green pastures and bluebonnet fields;
An innocent smile with adult incisors beginning to reveal themselves;
Who loves to twirl around gazing toward the heavens
until dizziness takes over;
I can no longer maintain balance,
falling, giggling smiling, laughing;
Loving every aspect of life
of who I never was.
Too innocent to know that trials of adulthood;
Blessed with the innocence of youth;
Loving life with all the fiber of my young being;
Unconscious of life’s future trappings and darkness;
Completely infatuated with the here and now;
The bright future that awaits ahead,
with endless possibilities achieved greatness
and limitless potential of who I never was.
Beaming smiles after the tasty servings of soft-serve ice cream;
Proud expressions displayed after A+ exams;
Looks of concentration engaged in sporting events;
Hugs of excitement when acceptance letters reveal goals accomplished;
Cautiously optimistic conversations about potential suitors;
For who I never was.
The fulfillment of a soulful creation dashed,
unrecognizable, not fully formed,
by those unable to conceptualize the greatness that awaits me,
or the joy that I will bring to those I meet;
Out of fear, ignorance or selfishness,
the parents that I will never meet have destroyed a future
that I will never have
and the little girl that I am never to be
and the woman of who I never was.

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